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Maio 8, 2019


Abril 26, 2019


The night sleeps a draw-out and invisible slumber

inside the slender fingers of the still trees


next to the dainty birds with absent eyes

in that clear daybreak about to emerge.


The fullness of the blue silence spreads its presence,

and a quivering breeze that doesn’t even exist pretends to stir,


(and it would draw the contours of the still and faint walls

without daring to reach that secret and impenetrable intimacy of the stones).


Everything is inside the fixed mark of its own boundary.


Only the sea rises up and restlessly reflects

the useless and tired vigil of the stars.


Glória de Sant’Anna

From Um Denso Azul Silêncio, 1965 – Translated  by Luis Rafael


Abril 8, 2019

O PGL fala com a filha da poeta Glória de Sant’Anna

Fevereiro 22, 2019

Glória de Sant’Anna por Andrade Paes, Porto Amélia, Moçambique, 1969

Janeiro 22, 2019

Dezembro 20, 2018

Novembro 2, 2018



Nada se move

na quietude que desce.


As hastes

têm atitudes de pedras esculpidas.

E os ângulos

são mais breves: mais mansos

nas paredes erguidas.




Glória de Sant’Anna in Distância (p.21) 1951 Lisboa